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I had always dreamed of my wife with other men. My ideal scene was seeing, get well and truly fucked by a handsome guy, as I looked and then I suck his cock while youngleafs she watched and wanked himself. I n this scenario was introduced in our love, a fantasy. I would be realistic to talk about it hot while less than enthusiasm, though I was with him and made ​​fun of me that I never had other guys sucking cock. They had no youngleafs idea he had sucked a few dicks in my time. I have always had since high school and bi have the opportunity to youngleafs enjoy some of the queue to queue jump. was very discreet about my sex life m / m aprt from the exchange of this 'fantasy youngleafs ' with her he never suspected that I do indeed. was out of work and enjoyed a good night with one of the guys who worked in the hotel bar. I took a chance and flirted in the past in the night, and he said we should have a ' drinking together ' that night. He was 22 years (15Years younger than me) and had to be fun. they ended up back in my room with a bottle of liquor and had a very good night. The next day I went home and came a little earlier than expected, children were in school, and Jenny was home, but not for me to arrive. E n had to empty my bag and hear what I thought my wife moaning and groaning in the room I walked in the door was partially open peepd and Moira (our neighbor across the street ) on the back lies, legs open, with Jenny 's head between them. This material was grown instant erection and my penis size in its entirety immediately turned my head I could not believe what I saw. My (mostly ) spare wife Moira licking for all he was worth moaning Moira and Jenny made ​​a deep hum when it was overtaken in her pussy. o I did not know what to do! Should I go and come, or leave Or should I stay and see this wonderful view and maintain the wanKing. THR I decided then stroked my cock while I was in the magnificent views. I looked out the door and could youngleafs see that Jenny put a dildo in the ass, which had been wet. There was a bottle of wine on the nightstand, he obviously was very relaxed Moira wanted to cum, you could see her bucking harder against Jenny 's head and had to offer both. Moira then opened his eyes and groans had been heard there was. lick Jenny listened and looked at me. A sight I will never forget. My wife looked at me in pussy juice all over her face Moira and Moira Fanny 's eyes swollen lips and open your legs a bit. that was waiting for both to jump and stop, go, but the head moira fan of Jenny and he brought to lick. She said : '. I'm not stopping now Jen almost there,' I could not believe that the actions of my wife, then just went ahead and behind her came the dildo further into her youngleafs dripping fanny. in my head was spinning, I was hard as a stone in this wonderful show in front of me. entered the room and stood behind my wife. This was an opportunity too good to pass up. The n 's when I noticed a fourth person in the youngleafs room friend Moira ( she was divorced, but some time this live for a youngleafs while. The n was in the chair across from his tail hanging and a large amount of sperm in his hands he himself had just finished masturbating see also Moira said: 'We James, Jenny fancy a system queue' was in Grant, and then knelt before taking my cock in hand and gently sucks the end. I made youngleafs it very close to coming Jenny what she was doing, looked at me, even with Moira sperm all over her face and smiled. s that came to place sprayed my cum on her face and Grants. jenny ass Moira said: 'We James, let's see who understand ', which I did without hesitation took his shiny wet cock in his mouth and felt immediately start to harden I looked anyway. gIRLS Jen turned around and stood before Memir was behind her rubbing her breasts and moved the dildo in and out of pussy dripping from my wife. Jenny was almost there, I youngleafs would say that Grant difficult to fully erect and I was sucking on the tail to the rhythm of the strokes are Moira was Jenny. I felt myself begin to stretch and then began to shed his semen in my mouth. took his pulse and then let it out of my mouth. Jenny, whose head was just inches from mine, smiled as the rest of his milky fluid shot in the face. did something in his hand and then smeared it in her youngleafs mouth. I knelt to kiss and suck on a scholarship cum in my mouth and spit back in my mouth. Moira could smell the juice on youngleafs the face and started sucking greedily on his tongue, had begun to rise again and my dick Moira did not lose time on their hands to masturbate slowly. 'I am now ! She said she wants to rub a little of what Jenny. Jenny was rubbing her clit and MoiraTits that I introduced myself and Moira and Jenny left damn it took me to Moira. This was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. Grant looked over my shoulder and Moira youngleafs is placed on the far side of Jenny. I do not know, he entered her pussy or ass ( that never lets you down), but she gave a deep groan as he pushed on them. It was not long before I went, and I lay in bed with my wife Moira only small but beautiful tits bouncing as Grant gave her in the back. I slept I do not know how long and woke up when I was alone in the room, the smell of sex was there was to know no trace of my colleagues do. got to get something to eat Jenny preparation. ' Where is our neighbor,' said Jen. 'Home', he said, ' but they come back,' I waited until they bring to the topic later, but never did. until later that night in bed. if, if what I expected assured asked me, This was ad more. She said she did well, but do not youngleafs expect to enjoy Grant, who also bear. was almost afraid to ask if they could repeat, but after I Shagged That night, she said do it again.. I know when it happens !
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